7 Principles to Get Your Ish Back on Track.

Resilience: Learning how to live the life we were called to in spite of the setbacks
Reset: To set, adjust, or fix in a new or different way

For countless people, the past few years have been ones for the record books. They knocked you off your solid foundation, normalcy took on a new meaning, and seemingly overnight, you were left asking the question, “now what?” Are you a woman who is over 40 and looking for a do-over in some area of your life? Do you ever find yourself looking around and asking, “where the heck is the reset button??” Welp. You’ve come to the right place.

In this life-changing course, you will learn the seven principles I’ve used to reclaim my life after a heart attack left me partially paralyzed and a bilateral lower limb amputee right after my 45th birthday. The principles of the “The Resilience Reset ™” aren’t just theoretical. I’ve put them into practice, and I know they work because I’ve worked them. So, whether you’ve experienced challenges in your business, health, professional, or personal life, you need practical strategies to move past them and move forward. Consider this your personal invitation to get started.

By the end of this course you will be able to...

Who this course is for:

This transformational course is for women who are ready to recover after "life happens" and need some sure-fire strategies to get up and get on with it.

If you have the faith and if you have the follow-through, anything is possible. So, it’s time for a reset. Are you ready? THEN LET’S GO!

Here's what you get:


Over 120 engaging video lessons (12+ hours worth), journal prompts, activities, tools, tips, and strategies, and examples of how to use The Resilience Reset Principles to propel you over obstacles and challenges in your life ($12,000)


The Resilience Reset Workbook with worksheets and pages to journal ($47 value)


The 7 Ways to Discover Your Purpose ebook ($27 value)


68 page workbook ($57 value)

Plus Bonuses

An additional person on your team that can attend the training ($10,185)

Stay interview questions and how to use them to nurture employee growth ($597)

Access to a 6-month online community group where you will get feedback on potential candidates ($1097)

I will virtually sit in along with you as an interviewer on a candidate interview ($1097)



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Meet Your Coach

Dr. Chantrise Sims Holliman

Dr. Chantrise Sims-Holliman, CEO of Disturb the Universe, LLC, is an award-winning former educator turned motivational speaker and author best known for teaching others how to move mountains. Her message of hope and resilience transforms the lives of audiences worldwide, allowing them to triumph over fear and failure into a life of perpetual faith. Since becoming a partial paraplegic and bilateral amputee in 2018 at age 45, she has made it her life’s work to help women overcome the obstacles they find in their way. It’s not enough for others to just be inspired by all she has accomplished. It’s essential that they conquer their own obstacles, and so much more for themselves. Although it wasn’t planned or expected, Dr. Chantrise consciously chooses to use what others may have used as an excuse to throw in the towel as building blocks to her come back.  

Raised in West Newton, MA, Chantrise has seen much success in her adult life as a two-time honoree for Who’s Who in Black Atlanta and multiple features in local publications like SF Lifestyle and Voyage ATL. Her quirky sense of humor, coupled with her authenticity, boldness, and passion for the success of others makes her a highly sought-after speaker for people of all backgrounds, on multiple platforms. In addition to being a speaker as a part of Innovation Women, Dr. Chantrise is also a TEDx Speaker and was named Influencer of the Year by the Kingdom Image Awards in 2020. 

Holding a Doctorate in Education from The University of West Georgia, a Master’s in Education from Georgia State University, and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Bentley University, it comes as no surprise that Chantrise has authored numerous books and other educational products. In addition to TeachStayLove: A Reflective Journal to Help You Stay in the Profession You Love and Shoes Without Feet: A Journey of Strength, Hope, Obstacles, Encouragement, and SuccessNoah Had an Ark. You Need a R.A.F.T.: Resilience and Flexible Thinking she is currently working on her fourth book, The Resilience Reset: The 7 Principles You Need to Take Back Your Life which is sure to catapult readers to new levels in business, ministry, and life in general.  

Whether she’s selling cars or radio advertising (and yes, she’s done both), or working with students, entrepreneurs or educators, her love for education and knowledge rings loud and true from the moment she enters the room. Her future endeavors include developing a curriculum for non-traditional students based on her third book and using her growing platform to be a vocal advocate for people with disabilities and champion for all things diversity and inclusion.